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State Average: B

University of California San Diego


Last Updated: September 26, 2019

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Paige

    Here’s the thing- UCSD does have a very nice all vegan/vegetarian dining hall, and that really swings its ratings. Roots is great! But there are not nearly enough options at every individual dining hall, so unless you want to make the walk out of your residential area three times a day to eat at Roots (which, by the way, is not open on weekends at all), you’re going to struggle to eat protein here. The chefs don’t know how to prepare tofu well, and most nights the vegetarian options are pizza, pasta, or a grilled cheese- carvs, carbs, or carbs. I really struggle to get protein and other key nutrients into my diet. Even worse are themed nights at dining halls, like Cinco de Mayo, whic are really fun, but have one vegetarian option and five involving meat…and they run out of the vegetarian meal two hours before closing. Cafe ventanas, at least, definitely doesn’t do meatless or even beefless monday and hasn’t for at least two years. The lo longer I stay here, the more frustrated I get.

  • Jack

    La Jolla itself is very vegan friendly. But when you toss that up with a university and a variety of cultures and religions, that school is BOUND to be a vegan haven. Such is what UCSD is, especially with its all vegan restaurant- Roots. Yet, if you don’t want to walk to Muir (Pines is pretty great), you can go for sushi in price center (and TONS of other places), OVT, etc. Every dining common has something and will try its best to accommodate needs. There is a campus dietician that can arrange for accommodations as well!

  • roysimmons


  • Cindy Walsh

    Good vegan selections on campus including a vegan dining facility.

  • cathryn fernandez

    Please also mention that Dining Services has 6 markets on campus that all offer basic vegan items,like Veganase & Tofurky,Daiya cheese and lots of other vegan foods for students to purchase and eat on the go or take back to their rooms and prepare a meal.Our grab & go line also has vegan wraps,salads and energy bars!!

  • Lauren Swank


  • Ruby Dang

    AWESOME vegan food! Not only is every marketplace vegan friendly, we have a whole vegan restaurant and a food co-op that is primarily vegan. So happy to be vegan!