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State Average: B

Syracuse University

New York

Last Updated: November 5, 2019

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Student Reviews

  • Taylor O’Brien

    That photo is from an on-campus grocery store. Each of the many dining halls has a clean salad bar and fruit bar area, at least one vegan dessert option (Sadler Dining Hall carries mini Tofutti ice cream sandwiches), a full vegan/vegetarian bar clearly labeled that always includes three different daily recipes and vegan veggie burgers, veggie dogs and falafel. There is also packaged vegan “meats” for subs and a section for condiments and veggies to add to a sandwich. There is also always chocolate, vanilla and regular Silk soy milks for use in a small fridge near the regular and Silk yogurts. We also have a street basically on campus of different restaurants and the vegan restaurant “Strong Hearts” recently added a store. Also on that strip is a Thai food restaurant with vegan labelled items. Syracuse University is where I transformed to veganism from being a devout vegetarian and I could not have been happier to be at this school. The food services staff was helpful in responding to me when I questioned ingredients in various salad dressing and the daily vegetable options (to make sure of no butter). The “C” grade is ridiculous. We share dining facilities with SUNY ESF as well and many of the students at ESF maintain vegan diets while still dining at Syracuse. Both of these schools should be raised to an A grade. The dining halls are literally the easiest and close to the most delicious ways to get vegan food. A lot is also pushed and changing thanks to the animal rights student organization on campus. The school listens and responded, for example, they now sell Daiya cheese in the few campus grocery stores. I love this school and it has never made me feel being vegan was challenging.

  • Taylor

    Every dining hall has a vegan section, some more extensive than others, but nonetheless there are always options! In the student center I am always satisfied with vegan options and the grocery store on south campus where many students live has a huge selection of vegan food to purchase. It does label everything that is vegan and they are always together, there is always soy milk in the dining halls and vegan desserts everyday. They also partake in Meatless Monday each week where we usually get a little more at the vegan station. I have never had a problem, I’ve even emailed the food coordinator to ask what salad dressings were vegan and I got a very thorough response. I truly believe, as a vegan, that this school satisfies my needs exceptionally.