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Rollins College


Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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Student Reviews

  • bug

    the vegan section always has the least oily foods, and they always make my body feel better, they have the best stir frys

  • Rowan

    Just had the best vegan quesadillas ever from Iris today for lunch!

  • Zuzanna Cabaj

    Love the vegan food options at Rollins! And love Iris!

  • Bill Short

    Whoa! The vegan food here is incredible. This is ratatouille and polenta Napoleon!

  • Robin

    I love Iris’s vegan food! She is always so nice and makes good food 🙂

  • Shannon Caicedo

    its so good! love the jackfruit tacos and mushroom quesadilla!!

  • Brendan

    Iris’s quesadilla is so good!! My favorite thing so far!

  • Brendan

    Iris has outdone herself with the tofu today

  • Emily

    Iris at the vegan station is amazing!

  • Brendan

    Iris is so kind and has formed such a good relationship with the other vegan students. We are so lucky to have her in our dining hall. Everything she makes is so good!

  • Brendan

    Iris’s penne past was so good! She includes so many flavors and always makes sure we have something to eat.

  • Brendan

    Iris’s chili is very good and healthy. She always makes good vegan options.

  • Bill Short

    Omg! The vegan food here is amazing! There’s a daily dedicated vegan station with different specials each day. In addition all the food stations and venues have multiple vegan options. Recently, they’ve expanded the vegan dessert offerings, today there were three different fresh baked vegan deserts!

  • Devyn Garton

    I’m not even Vegan and I eat from the Vegan section of the cafeteria because they have the best food available at Rollins. The staff is also incredibly kind, one of the staff, Iris, I say hello to everyday.

  • Maria

    Iris at Rollins College is the best at cooking vegan food. Everything tastes amazing at the vegan station and it’s always fresh.

  • Naina sahney

    GREAT! Got these jackfruit carnitas tacos from iris today! Enjoyed

  • Tom Hadaway

    Rollins Dining is the best .. The people and obvious the food .. Nothing is perfect but they work hard to be # 1 very accommodating and sensitive .. Glad they get this type of reviews . Awesome !

  • Cecelia Lockler

    Top quality…better than any restaruant in Orlando.