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State Average: A

Northern Arizona University


Last Updated: October 10, 2019

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Student Reviews

  • Madison

    There are very few vegan options in all restaurants and dining halls on campus. I am currently a freshman and I chose this school based on their sustainability efforts. I was disappointed to see that the cafeterias make the same bland not nutritious food. Also, you must have a “premium” meal plan in order to get most plant based options at the restaurants on campus, like the impossible meat at QDOBA or even a plant based smoothie from Jamba Juice. We don’t have meatless mondays btw, and they make no accommodations for vegans if they want off the meal plan. You are forced to have one.

  • Sam

    Idk who gave this campus an A+ but they 100% do not deserve it. I started going here last year and they claim to be so vegan friendly but really they do the bare minimum. The main cafeterias on campus (hot spot and dub) are horrible for vegans. They don’t label their vegan options, they almost never have vegan dessert options, their vegan options are usually just cooked vegetables and rice, they don’t promote vegan options, they don’t participate in meatless Monday’s, they don’t offer an all vegan station, they definitely don’t offer egg or mayo replacements anywhere, and idk how they have all those things marked cause whoever did that is a liar. I’ve emailed them multiple times about getting better vegan options with more variety and yet my voice has not been heard, or if it has they are ignoring it. Half the places on campus you have to pay extra for non dairy milk, there’s one place besides the cafeterias to get a vegan option. They cater to vegetarians more than vegans, vegans are pretty much outta luck if you go here. This school is a joke and does the bare minimum to try and get its vegan students to come here thinking they will have great options. Save yourself the trouble and pick a different school or cook your meals at home because this school is a joke when it comes to vegan options. You should remove all of these things because it is false and they do not actually do or have most of the items on the list.

  • Cassidy

    I love NAU because they really do put in the effort to make at least one option at each of the food places to be vegan or vegetarian. They make Tofu scramble and vegan french toast for breakfast, and the other day, there were several people handing out Vegan Outreach pamphlets. Not to mention, Sprouts and Natural Grocers are only 5 minute walks to campus if you don’t like eating on campus. It is easy to be vegan here, and I really appreciate the work that the school does to fit the vegan community’s needs.

  • cheyenne

    If you aren’t eating in the hotspot or the dub there is only one place with vegan fooda nd it is star ginger! they label very well at that place…. the dub and hotspot have mislabel things so they contained not only animal products but meat as well! If you are a vegan it is very hard to find good vegan food on this campus!