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State Average: C

Missouri State University – Springfield


Last Updated: September 18, 2019

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Student Reviews

  • Russ Bray

    Missouri State’s vegan options are minimal at best, but chefs like John Hawkins like to boast that it’s superior and has an “A” grade. I eat mostly at one dining center, and I now can never trust what i’m eating. i was told that the two veggie burgers were vegan, and i learned recently that neither are actually vegan. they mislabel things so i have to look at my food very cautiously before getting to eat. I would give this a “C” at best.

  • Animal Rights Club

    This report card is wrong… I am not sure where they are getting the information, but as far as I know, MSU does NOT offer Egg/Mayo Replacements… they do NOT have an all-vegan station (I wish!!), they do NOT promote their vegan options.. if you do not know from word of mouth… you wouldn’t even KNOW that they have vegan options because you have to specifically ask for them.. and you don’t even know what you are asking for. One student mentioned there was once vegan chick’n nuggets in the dining hall… I ask a staff member, and their response was “Oh, I didn’t even know those existed..”… they do not label their vegan desserts because THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY… when they actually DO have vegan entrees there has been situations where they are mislabeled — I just recently found out their veggie burger has eggs and mozzarella in it!!

  • ARC

    No vegan salad dressings… Very disappointing….

  • Jenn

    Room for improvement. I would give them a C… average at best.. certainly not an A.. but not an F…

  • Tiff

    I don’t think they deserve an A… there is DEFINITLY room for improvement in my opinion. They are making things very hard for their Animal Rights Club / Vegan club to promote options without going through their restrictive catering orders

  • Jessica Albright

    Garst dining hall is making tremendous improvements – special thanks to Chef Quintin for having a Silk milk machine available all day, vegan desserts (that are marked!), vegan ice cream, veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and the fact that all the dressings are Hampton Creek is AMAZING! I wish the other dining halls would follow suit (Blair Shannon) but this is def a start! Quintin is making an effort to promote the vegan options! There were veggie burgers donated to the schools Ecoplooza Earth Day event!! Great Job Quintin and Garst!!

  • Jessica Albright

    I really hope they get reevaluated soon, because MSU Dining halls have really up-ed their game!! I visited Garst yesterday and was IMPRESSED by their vegan options! I’m talking about 3 different sides, veggie burgers, black bean burgers, fried tofu, Silk Machines, vegan desserts— not to mention ALL of their condiments are Hampton Creek (aka Vegan!!) Super exciting!

  • k

    BEWARE! food is often labeled as “vegan” when it is obvious it is not. chefs, for instance, with “garnish” a dish an item that is not on the ingredient list (e.g.) cheese. employees are obviously not trained on food sensitivities, special diets, and/or allergies. all-around pathetic.

    • Jessica Albright

      This has changed since then! I wish PETA would publish my reviews because Garst is making a tremendous effort to make improvements – special thanks to their new chef Quintin!