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State Average: C

Johns Hopkins University


Last Updated: September 4, 2019

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Student Reviews

  • Sofia

    Vegan entrees are often just broccoli and a roasted vegetable, not filling at all! There aren’t many vegan deserts and they’re not labeled. Hopkins doesn’t promote vegan options and deserves a B or lower. Your rating has gone to their heads and made them lazy.

  • Peggy

    What in the world? On-campus dining features salads as the only vegan option and even there you might have to contend with blue cheese or mayo options. I’d give Hopkins a B. Student events, seminars, department events (even the ones organized by the main administration have rabbit food as their only vegan items.

  • Lauren

    NOTHING is labeled. Nothing. There are no vegan desserts. Vegan options not promoted, because nothing is labeled. If you have dining dollars you’ll be fine, but if you only have a meal swipe meal plan, you’re out of luck. There is lots of cross contamination at Levering dining hall, and I’m sure it exists in other locations where you can’t see the food being prepared. They’ve displayed your A+ rating all over all the dining locations to lull everyone into a false sense that they’re trying. Please revoke this. Hopkins needs to try harder.