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Hollins University


Last Updated: November 6, 2019

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Janine

    The dining staff at Hollins are wonderful. However, vegan options are not. We have had two Meatless Mondays in the 2014-2015 school year, and the first one (17 November 2014) had *no vegan entrees at all*. Vegetarian, yes, but not vegan. The dining provider is Meriwether Godsey, and they don’t take steps to educate the dining workers about veganism, cross-contamination, properly labeling food, and understanding the ingredients in their dishes. In early May 2015, the “vegan option” was pepperoni pizza (with meat and dairy). “Vegan burritos” have tortillas made from eggs; the fruit is either mushy or ripe; sometimes butter is used in place of oil, and diners are not made aware; animal products are not clearly labeled… The salad bar has extremely wilted vegetables which are not particularly nutritious in the first place, and vegetable dishes are drowned in oil. I love the staff, and they are working to meet the needs of the Hollins campus. But veg*n and alternative diets are not sustainable here without buying *a lot* of food. In the spring semester alone, I had to spend over $1000 at the farmer’s market, co-op, etc. just to get adequate nutrition.