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George Mason University


Last Updated: September 13, 2019

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Student Reviews

  • Wen

    GMU has lots of vegan options for students. For student, who rely on a meal plan, every dining halls have vegan or vegetarian options. They have milk alternatives and smoothies, and they even offer different vegan dishes every day. However, the smoothie sometimes contains milk so make sure to check the food label. They also have the Future 50 Foods stations at the Southside dining hall, in which students can customize their dishes to get a good one. Food retailers on campus also have plenty of vegan options including Blaze Pizza (build your pizza), Chipotle(bowls, burritos, salad with sofritas), Panda Express(white rice, veggie, and spring rolls), Panera Bread, Akeno sushi, Starbuck, Halal Guys…

  • Caitlin

    Southside now has almond milk in addition to the soy milk

  • Rachael Nicoletta

    GMU has quite a few vegan options outside of the dining halls on campus including Blaze Pizza (vegan cheese and chorizo options), Chipotle (bowls and burritos with tofu), sushi, smoothie, and sandwich options. Southside is the best dining hall on campus that regularly has vegan options and a full vegan section. Ike’s and the globe have basic vegan options like pasta and some other things but are lacking behind Southside by a lot and I rarely go to either of them because of that. Southside has vegan deli slices sandwich options, scrambled tofu in the mornings, smoothie bar, special vegan meals every day, yogurt, mango sorbet, and condiments like mayo, salad dressings and cream cheese which is awesome. They never have vegan dessert options at the dessert bar except once in a blue moon which could be improved. More breakfast options would be nice like vegan pancakes or waffles, plant based sausages, or cereal (all of the cereals provided have vitamin D3). Overall, there’s a lot of yummy vegan options but there’s always room for improvement especially considering there are also a lot of non vegan comfort foods sections at southside with the lines all the way filled for pizza, burgers, Mac n cheese and fried chicken which simply isn’t healthy and there needs to be more advertising towards the healthier plant based options.

  • Sarah Q

    GMU has a bunch of vegan options on campus, you just have to know where to look. However, people who depend on the dining halls for their daily meals might become frustrated and bored of the options mason does offer. They have vegan sushi, vegan pho, vegan tofu curry style dish, fries, veggie burgers, panera veggie options, tons of vegan drinks/cookies/pastries at Argo Tea in fenwick, subway, taco bell, you name it. Cupcakes actually comes to mason in the JC every Thursday and have vegan cupcakes. Freshens now has vegan chicken sandwiches and wraps! I could probably name more, and if you’re vegan you won’t have trouble scoping them out.

  • Rhys

    Although Mason has a few vegan options here and there, if you are on a meal plan and depend 100% on the dining halls and fast food joints for every meal, you will quickly run out of new options and get frustrated at the limited choices. They barely label their vegan options. Many of the vegan food is only labeled as vegetarian but is also 100% vegan. There are NO vegan desserts, NO vegan cereal, and the ONLY vegan breakfast options they have is oatmeal, potatos, and a plain bagel. This gets really frustrating after you’ve been eating that for a month straight. The fruit they have available never tastes good. The tofu scramble they offer would be vegan if they didn’t cook it on the same stove top as the omelets. I’ve found meat in the supposedly vegan tomato sauce. They’re not careful about intermingling food at all. Since eating at Mason, my diet has become 50% potatos since it is in many of the vegan options there. I recommend getting housing with a kitchen and no meal plan to avoid the dining halls at all costs. :/ Good luck.

  • Tam

    Your choices: veg sushi, Starbucks salad, fries, hijack a sandwich at Panera, taco Bell and one and a half Indian dishes.. The first two are in stock sometimes.. One girl that works at Panera said she was vegan, but due to lack of options at George Mason, she gave up! The “healthy” food options are loaded with meat and cheese. Most places don’t have an option, but I suppose that’s typical for the society we live in..

  • Gypsy

    ‘yummy and cruelty free <3