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Florida State University


Last Updated: November 15, 2021

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Student Reviews

  • Jennifer

    Great food and awesome price at Krishna Lunch: This on campus lunch option offers a vegetarian and vegan buffet every Monday through Friday from 11am-2pm on the first floor of the Center for Global Engagement.

  • Angelina

    The dining section at Florida State University does not offer enough vegan options. Every time I enter the dining hall I am presented with the same offerings including French fries, chips, and rice. This is not enough to provide a sustainable meal for anyone. Often, I do not have the time to wait for a meal to be prepared for me, so when it is not originally presented and readily available I end up not eating at all.

  • anonymous

    The vegan options are barely visible, mostly nonexistent. The options at Suwannee are very limited, most days there are just beans and rice. The plantains offered arent even vegan, they are not listed with a vegan stamp and instead either no sticker or one that says vegetarian. Seminole cafe seems to offer more variety, however, either they are only made in small quantities so they are gone soon or what they have advertised on the website isn’t offered at all. Both dining halls offer vegan options online that are not present in the physical dining hall. I’ve politely asked if they are serving these options and they look annoyed or confused. Often I am ostrascized as a vegan for simply asking a question, even though I have never preached about my veganism ir even tell anyone unless someone asks me directly why I’m not eating the meat. Many times also what is claimed to be vegan has some sort of unvegan sauce on it as well so it is impossible to trust any of the food I have to consume for survival 100% which goes against all my morals. It seems as FSU puts these options on the website strictly for appearance, as it doesn’t reflect the inedible or nonexistant options for vegans.

  • Treco

    Food options in the vegan station in Suwannee Room are very limited and too often lacking or having too much seasoning. Do we really need fried plantain every day?

  • Gio

    It’s nice but we need tags on food that indicate if it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.


    I don’t know how they feed this garbage to us

  • Anonymous

    Allergy and Vegan notations can be found on the Campus Dish website for the dining hall only, and there are no ingredient/allergen labels present at the dining hall. This past Fall and Spring, the dining hall introduced a True Balance section for those with food allergies, and they also provide a Vegan section (usually tofu stir fry). These 2 sections are not open during Summer, so options are limited to 1-2 sides, soup or salad. Also recommend Hare Krishna in Fall/Spring at the CGE.

  • Juan

    Vegan options have definitely improved over the years but there seems to be a consistent problem with the staff not understanding what vegan means. Sometimes the veggie burgers are labeled vegetarian, but when I asked if they were vegan, the staff seemed to be unaware of the difference (despite the fact these are available every day). There was a lot of back and forth between several staff members until I was eventually given a label in Spanish and told to read for myself. I also had a major issues last year with things being labeled vegan and then the same thing being labeled just vegetarian the next day, made me really unclear on a lot of seemingly vegan options.

  • nathan

    Improved so much from last year, definitely shows the schools dedication to us, the students!

  • Cecilia Monge

    At Suwannee Room, our dining hall there are always vegan options throughout the day such as hummus, veggies, beans, bean dip, and salad with different protein options such as garbanzos.

  • Jade Ahneman

    Fsu does a decent job at providing healthy and unhealthy vegan options. The dining halls do a great job at labeling what is vegan and vegetarian but I wish there was more consistency in food options at the two dining halls. For example Suwannee offers vegan pizza but the Seminole does not. I also think that incorporating vegan deserts in the dining hall would be awesome and much needed for us broke vegans! But they have tons of vegan items you can buy around campus from vegan cookies and muffins from Argo to veggie burgers at the den! They also have Krishna lunch which is pretty cheap and always has really good vegan options! Overall, I think FSU does a great job at accommodating vegans!

  • Charles Vega

    Suwannee room has gone to great lengths to improve the vegan options on campus. Suwannee has made to order mushroom and black bean burgers and even a vegan pizza. There’s Also a fully stocked salad bar. Great job Seminole dining !

  • Taylor Welniak

    The new team is really willing to work with students! There is the option to have every meal altered to be plant-based and they are working with staff to make sure they have the proper training. They also hold Student Culinary Council meetings to get vegan student feedback!

  • Cristina Rodriguez

    The dining halls at Florida State University needs improvement. There need to be healthier food options for students and more vegetarian/vegan options for those who choose that lifestyle.

  • Megan

    Suwannee has a decent amount of vegan food options (salads, veggies, soups, etc). However, they do not label their desserts as vegan. Overall the vegan entrees and sides are satisfying.

  • Dulce Paz

    More vegan options please

  • Rose

    Seminole dining has gotten better in the past year, which I’m very grateful for! I would prefer more foods like tofu and tempeh, as well as plain yogurt, as it’s a healthier option.

  • Flynn Larson

    There are very few satisfying vegan options at FSU. The dining hall offers vegetarian stir fry with tofu and vegetables alongside an extensive salad bar complete with a selection of (canned) beans…garbanzo, black, kidney. I find myself having to choose the “peanut butter sandwich” option because they just don’t offer enough meat free vegan options. Thank goodness for the Hare Krishna cafe in the globe dining hall. They offer a VERY wide range of vegetarian and vegan foods (always vegan desserts) and cater to our community with a healthy spread of flavor and nutrition. However, it is not affiliated with the dining plan. I really hope to see more vegan choices ASAP in the dining halls.