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Duquesne University


Last Updated: November 5, 2019

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Katy

    The V2 station at Hogan Dining is a vegan-friendly station offering restaurant-style entrees that rotate for lunch and dinner! All vegan & vegetarian friendly menu items can be found in their Vegan and Vegetarian Dining Guide located at every location. Students are also encourage to participate in the Vegan & Vegetarian food committee!

  • Alana

    All of our locations on campus provide Vegan and Vegetarian options for students, faculty, and staff for every meal of the day. All of these options are also listed on our FoodU app to make sure that we are communicating to everyone about what is be served on what days. Even our locations that are more of a convenience store have coolers dedicated to people with Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten free needs. We also have “OnTheGo” meals at the majority of our locations which have Vegan and Vegetarian options as well.

  • Sydney

    I am very disappointed in the vegan options on campus. I pay over 2 grand for food here at Duquesne and only at dinner do they offer one vegan option. The only other options for food in the dining hall are rice milk, cereal, rice, veggies, and sometimes pasta. There are other places to eat on campus, however, they use “flex dollars”. You can only get so many in a semester. There are veggie burgers avaliable and tempeh although the prices are ridiculous. If you are from Pittsburgh, vegan, and are considering going to Duquesne, my advice is to commute. Only the upperclassmen have kitchens also.