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Denison University


Last Updated: December 10, 2021

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Student Reviews

  • Michelle

    They always have a tofu sautee at all stations and mindful Mondays at one of the dining halls!

  • Hannah Rath

    The staff here at Denison University put so much effort into ensuring that vegans have plenty of options to choose from at every meal and at every dining location. They’re also very strict about what is vegan! There was a time when I was confused why the “maple roasted beets” weren’t vegan. Turns out that they put cane sugar in it! I appreciate how careful they are about marking everything. Not only that, but our food is locally sourced. At the dining halls, the menus are marked with symbols to say if they’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and locally sourced. There’s a little table set up in the dining halls with a blackboard of the farms they are getting our food from, and the distance they are from our campus. We’re currently working on a Meatless Monday with the dining staff! We have Silk Almondmilk fountains in the dining halls, along with plenty of tofu dishes. Our salad bar even has nooch!! I came to college with groceries to last me a couple of months but it turns out I hardly eat in my dorm because the food here is so awesome. Couldn’t be happier! A+++!

  • Piper

    Very good. I’m a vegan with Celiacs and i always have many choices. Waffles, breads/bagels, and tofu scrambles for breakfast even!